Welcome to Feizor Holsteins

Feizor Holsteins is home to Booth family who have farmed at Old Hall Farm for four generations. The farm is based in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, with the Pennine bridleway going through the farms boundaries.


We milk twice a day, with an 120 head herd averaging 12,155kgs, 3.89%F & 3.06%P 98cc.



The herd currently has 40 EX &  62 VG.


In 2012 we won the UK Premier Pedigree Herd of the Year, which was a great honour; we enjoy going along to shows, at a Local and National Level.


Latest News

Developing New Familes


Bulls For Sale

We sell several pedigree bulls each year.

Embryos For Sale

We have a variety of Embryos for sale, from top pedigree families! call David for more information on 07812 202371

Cow Families

A few familes to metion: Delia, Flo, Melody, Sabrina & Meggie.

"Look after your cows and they will look after you - the rest is just a bonus!"